Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taxes are not always cut-and-dried

Don't forget to look at our update one post down. But in the meantime, I have some tax news. I have not done taxes yet, mainly because of the assumption that we would owe money, not receive a refund. When in doubt, always call the IRS to ask. I spent 1/2 hour on the phone with them last night and they ultimately told me to file, requesting some tax credits and deductions that I had thought we would not get. Someone at the IRS will look at our return (I'm walking right into an audit, in other words, and that's fine - I do not mind it one bit - I invite it, as a matter of fact) and decide if we are eligible or not. Keep your fingers crossed for us. It would make a huge difference. That's all I can say right now.

By the way, I've heard people complain about the IRS (of course they are just scapegoats when people are not happy about paying money - it's human nature to inappropriately assign blame when something unpleasant like paying money is involved) but every time I have called, I have gotten the nicest, most patient and helpful people who really seem to want the best outcome for me. Hey, after all the nice things I've said, I should go ahead and work for the IRS, right? Considering how detailed I am, I'd probably like it. Oh well, maybe someday. Until then, just hope we can take part in these credits that, according to the spirit and possibly the letter of the law (that's the unclear part), we deserve, if anyone does!


  1. From possibly owing to a possible refund - ahhhh, music to my ears! Crossing my fingers and toes for you!

  2. Thanks - the more I read, the more I understand what they were trying to tell me last night on the phone: IRS rules and civil law MAY differ... but as for the IRS rules, it's pretty clear. I was about to forgo some very valuable deductions just because I had a fuzzy understanding of IRS rules. I guess that little voice telling me that it didn't feel right to file in this manner was trying to tell me something. I was right to question whether I should cut myself out of thousands of dollars' worth of benefit. The only possible ramificaton would be that I possibly could be taken to civil court later, but I'll deal with that possibility if/when it comes up. So... as of now, I'll let everyone know if and when the taxes come through - we sure can use some financial relief here! I feel like a hamster on a wheel with my efforts to pay for everything! I think I can stop being bitter now when hearing about everyone else's tax refunds.

  3. I agree 100% with the decency of IRS employees. In my work, I deal with them a great deal and they are generally awesome! Of course, there has been the rare occasion where they only answer what you ask and leave off what you wouldn't think to ask, but need to know. Or they are just plain not in a good mood. However, we all have those days. The secret is to be nice, smile and don't be rude; these folks are just doing their job and are not responsible for your troubles.

    Keeping my fingers crossed you see big money back and some debt/expense relief!

  4. We have never had issues either. My Aunt is also a tax person (pregnant mind isn't working today sorry, but you know what I mean) and we always get advice from her. She and my mom both worked at the IRS when we lived in California. Glad you got a refund!


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